Cordless 2D Imager


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A premium cordless handheld 2D imager for retail and commercial applications

Integrated with the exclusive FuzzyScan Imaging technology and the latest Bluetooth connectivity, the A680BT series cordless handheld imager delivers outstanding reading performance to fulfill various challenging scanning needs. In addition, broad wireless connectivity, the UltraCap™ battery-free solution, versatile features, and a compact, sturdy construction make this imager ideal for any demanding retail and commercial applications. The FuzzyScan A680BT series cordless handheld imager raises the bar for exceptional cost-performance value in its category

Wireless Connectivity and Beyond

For Cino cordless imagers, superior performance is just the start. Comprehensive connectivity and one-step pairing will change the way you work by providing more agility, flexibility and productivity.

The Smart Cradle Advantage

Instant Cordless Migration

No Bluetooth? Not a problem! Pair your A680BT imager with Cino's Smart Cradle or Smart Dongle to instantly overcome the lack of Bluetooth connectivity. Without any additional costs, this instant "Plug-and-Play" cordless migration provides you with a working range of up to 100 meters.

Broad Connectivity

Broad Connectivity

Through the HID or SPP protocol, Cino cordless imagers can connect to the most popular Bluetooth-enabled MAC, Windows and Linux hosts as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.


One-Step & Hassle-Free Pairing

Pairing Cino cordless imagers is a breeze - just "Scan to pair". Scan the "quick pair barcode" on the smart cradle or smart dongle to instantly create a pairing with your FuzzyScan cordless handheld imager. To pair the A660BT imager with your remote host, use the on-screen "quick pair barcode" generated by ConnectWizard™. This instantaneous hassle-free pairing process allows you to get started with scanning right away.

Scan All Your Needs

Powered by the FuzzyScan Imaging technology, the A680BT imager is capable of reading a vast array of challenging and problematic barcodes. Whether your barcodes are wrinkled, dirty, soiled or displayed on paper, plastic, metal, digital screens, or curved surfaces, your A680BT imager performs quick and accurate readings.

poor barcodes
Cutting Edge Imaging Technology

Cutting Edge Imaging Technology

Cino FuzzyScan Imaging technology uses the state-of-the-art AI-based machine vision technology. It is a performance-driven innovation designed specifically for optimal barcode reading. Combined with advanced optics and hardware platform, Cino FuzzyScan scanners deliver unrivalled speed, accuracy and motion tolerance across various real-world barcodes.

A Complete Lineup

A Complete Lineup

The A680BT series provides two different models to ensure maximum suitability for the users’ scanning applications. The Standard-range model offers superior reading performance on both regular and problematic real-world barcodes, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. The High-density model is purpose-built to read DPM-like, ultra-high density, and very small 2D barcodes that appear on items such as electronic components, jewelry tags, and medical equipment.

Practical Features

The advantages of Cino cordless imagers go beyond the ultimate mobility delivered via Bluetooth technology. Powered by more practical features, the FuzzyScan A680BT cordless handheld imager enables you to complete various business tasks and maximize productivity.

Data transmissions

"On the Spot" Data Transmissions

The scanner will send captured data to its host device immediately after each scan. If the Out-of-Range scanning function is enabled, up to 5,000 scans of EAN barcodes can be retained in your scanner when radio connection with the host device has been lost. Once a connection has been re-established, the scanner will send all stored data to the host device immediately.

Batch scanning

Inventory Counts Made Simple

"Batch Scanning" is ideal and useful for simple stocktaking. When you use this feature, all scanned data will be stored into the imager's flash memory. Once data transmission is activated, all stored data will be sent to the paired host as a batch. The A680BT imager can store a maximum of 100,000 EAN barcodes per batch. Moreover, you can add a quantity value following each piece of scanned data.

Validation scanning

Verifying Data Uniformity Made Easy

"Validation Scanning" enables the A680BT imager to compare scanned data against the stored master data to verify data uniformity. This feature is useful if verification is needed during shipping and receiving or order picking.

UltraCap™, a Battery-Fee Solution

The Cino Battery-Free Solution is powered by the UltraCap™ Capacitor. This alternative power source is built on the principles of reliability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability. The UltraCap™ Capacitor is ideal for applications requiring a quick charge to fulfill short-to medium-term operations for various sectors, such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and so on.

Swappable & Interchangeable

Swappable & Interchangeable

The UltraCap™ features a swappable design. It is not only interchangeable with Cino's standard Li-ion battery, but also compatible with all FuzzyScan cordless handheld imagers.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

In an UltraCap™'s lifespan, you would otherwise use more than 25 standard Li-ion batteries. Therefore, this battery-free solution not only significantly lowers your replacement costs of the standard Li-ion battery, but also minimizes your potential productivity losses caused by dead batteries.

Extended Working Time

Extended Working Time

The UltraCap™ provides the longest working time by far compared to its competition. With a capacity of 750 Farads, each full charge delivers more than 4,200 scans. Even under intensive use, this is enough to last you at least one hour.

Quick Get-Up-And-Go

Quick Get-Up-And-Go

Out of power? No worries. Every 1-minute quick charge delivers 130 scans. Compared to the standard Li-ion battery, this feature maximizes uptime and allows you to complete short-term scanning operations in a timely fashion.

Eco-Friendly for a Healthier Planet

Eco-Friendly for a Healthier Planet

Thanks to its long lifespan, the UltraCap™ promotes a cleaner environment by producing significantly less e-waste, while also exemplifying ESG consciousness and environmental sustainability in the business world.

Enhanced User Experiences

The A680BT imager is built with a focus on maximizing usability and delivering superior user experiences during operations, including a sharp aiming dot and multifaceted notification feedback via visual, audio and tactile indications.

Enhanced User Experience
LED Light

Visual Feedback

LED lights emit conspicuous, multi-color signals to help users clearly identify the current status at a quick glance.


Audio Feedback

The A680BT imager uses audio indicators to indicate its various statuses. It features a loud beeper that allows you to adjust volume and tone.


Tactile Feedback Option

Beeping sounds are considered disruptive in certain circumstances. Vibration is available as an option on this imager to provide tactile feedback to users. This is ideal for both quiet and noisy environments.

Value beyond Measure

FuzzyScan DNA is a unique set of features available on all Cino barcode scanners at no additional cost. Aside from our exclusive FuzzyScan Imaging technology, FuzzyScan barcode scanners provide the following features to deliver additional value beyond barcode scanning.

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DataWizard Premium

DataWizard Premium is a unique feature designed for FuzzyScan scanners, which enables users to program the scanner to fit their specific needs without modifying their host application.
This includes performing various types of data manipulation, extraction, and validation; and scanner feedback customization. DataWizard Premium gives Cino's FuzzyScan scanners a competitive edge to stand out in the marketplace.

DataWizard Premium

DataWizard Premium enables FuzzyScan barcode scanners to execute custom data processing and operation control tasks.

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Custom Data Processing

Scanned data can be manipulated into any specific format prior to transmission, including insertion, deletion, matching, verification, substitution, and reorganization. They can also be parsed to extract specific information for various purposes, such as age verification or product order checking.

Multifaceted Feedback

The scanner's status indications through beeping, LED lights, and vibration can all be controlled through DataWizard Premium. Users can therefore customize audio, visual, and tactile feedbacks according to their preferences. DataWizard Premium puts you in control of your scanner.



Parse PDF417 data from a driver's license to extract information regarding age and eligibility for alcohol purchases.



Parse application identifiers (AIs) of GS1 barcode to populate corresponding fields in the host application's databases.



Parse UDI information from medical devices to identify the manufacturer, expiration dates, and other required information.

Multilingual Edge

Multilingual Edge, No more language barriers

With Multilingual Edge, scanned data can be output into various languages through Bluetooth, USB, or RS232 host interfaces. In addition to languages using Latin script such as English, Cino scanners also support language conversion into scripts like Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, and Turkish; and even Asian language scripts such as Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. The Multilingual Edge feature enables users to share data across linguistic barriers, expanding their business horizons.

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iCode, single scan setup

The iCode feature is a macro command barcode designed to streamline your setup process and to eliminate the need for scanning multiple command barcodes. Your entire setup can thus be completed with a single scan of an iCode. Using iCode allows you to easily switch the use of the scanner between different application scenarios. This simplified process reduces the risk of errors, accelerates deployments, and reduces field service expenses. iCodes can be generated using Data Matrix or PDF417 barcodes.

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Smart Scene

Smart Scene, easily adapt to diverse applications

Smart Scene minimizes configuration efforts by allowing you to choose from preset optimal settings tailored to particular scenarios. Simply pick the scene option that suits your specific application, then point and scan! Smart Scene empowers you to attain exceptional scanning results with minimal effort.

Security Plus

Security Plus

Security Plus guards your host application by restricting access from unauthorized scanners. Thanks to this security mechanism, users can set the host applications to work exclusively with scanners containing their own authentication key, Security Plus is available free of charge, delivering an easy and secure solution that protects businesses at no extra cost.

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