A synthesis of unique features forall Cino barcode scanners

Cino’s barcode scanners are born with FuzzyScan DNA, a synthesis of value-added features that bring additional functionalities beyond the typical scanner. These practical functionalities transform barcode scanning by enhancing the scanner's intelligence, versatility, and performance. With FuzzyScan DNA, Cino’s FuzzyScan family deliver practical solutions for your enterprises’ challenges, lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO), and help workers get more work done.

DataWizard Premium

DataWizard Premium enables FuzzyScan barcode scanners to execute advanced data formatting and processing tasks.

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DataWizard Premium is a unique feature designed for FuzzyScan scanners, which enables users to program the scanner to fit their specific needs without modifying their host application.

This includes performing various types of data manipulation, extraction, and validation; and scanner feedback customization. DataWizard Premium gives Cino’s FuzzyScan scanners a competitive edge to stand out in the marketplace.

Custom Data Processing

Scanned data can be manipulated into any specific format prior to transmission, including insertion, deletion, matching, verification, substitution, and reorganization.
They can also be parsed to extract specific information for various purposes.

Multifaceted Feedback

The scanner's status indications through beeping, LED lights, and vibration can all be controlled through DataWizard Premium. Users can therefore customize audio, visual, and tactile feedbacks according to their preferences. DataWizard Premium puts you in control of your scanner.



Parse PDF417 data from a driver license to extract identity information for age or other identity verification.



Parse application identifiers (AIs) of GS1 barcode to populate corresponding fields in the host application’s databases.



Parse UDI information from medical devices to identify the manufacturer, expiration dates, and other required information.

FuzzyScan Intelligent Imaging

FUZZYSCAN Intelligent Imaging

Cino’s FuzzyScan scanners are powered by artificial intelligence, and are trained to deliver snappy readings on a vast array of real-world barcodes. Scan any barcode, any time!

Multilingual Output

Multilingual Edge, No more language barriers

With Multilingual Edge, scanned data can be output to various languages through Bluetooth, USB, or RS232 host interfaces. In addition to languages using Latin script such as English, Cino scanners also support language conversion into scripts like Arabic, Russian, Greek, and Turkish; and even Asian language scripts such as Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. The Multilingual Edge feature enables users to share data across linguistic barriers, expanding their business horizons.

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iCode, single scan setup

The iCode feature is a macro command barcode designed to streamline your setup process and to eliminate the need for scanning multiple command barcodes. Your entire setup can thus be completed with a single scan of an iCode. Using iCode allows you to easily switch the use of the scanner between different application scenarios. This simplified process reduces the risk of errors, accelerates deployments, and reduces field service expenses. iCodes can be generated using Data Matrix or PDF417 barcodes.

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Smart Scene

Smart Scene, easily adapt to diverse applications

Smart Scene minimizes configuration effort by allowing you to choose from preset optimal settings tailored to particular scenarios. Simply pick the scene option that suits your specific application, then point and scan! Smart Scene empowers you to attain exceptional scanning results with minimal effort.

Security Plus

Security Plus, cost-free security for business protection

Security Plus protects your host application by restricting access to only authorized co-working FuzzyScan barcodes scanners. Thanks to this security mechanism, users can set the host applications to work exclusively with scanners containing their own authentication key, protecting their host machine and investment. Moreover, Security Plus is provided at no extra cost.

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FuzzyScan PowerTools

FUZZYSCAN PowerTool, a comprehensive management utility

PowerTool is an intuitive software utility that enables you to perform a wide variety of tasks, such as configuration and firmware upgrade. It is also used to create iCodes for single scan setups, or access DataWizard Premium for advanced data processing and formatting. PowerTool streamlines device management, and enhances the usability of FuzzyScan barcode scanners.