FuzzyScan iCode

Quick single-scan setup

iCode, single scan setup

The iCode is a macro command barcode designed to streamline your setup process and to eliminate the need of scanning multiple command barcodes. Your entire setup can thus be completed with one quick scan of an iCode. This simplified procedure lowers the risk of errors, accelerates deployments, and reduces field service expenses.

FuzzyScan PowerTool

Simplify your configuration process

Scanning multiple command barcodes to program your scanners can be a real hassle. The iCode is a macro command barcode designed to eliminate this laborious procedure and lessen your workload. Simply select your parameter values in the FuzzyScan PowerTool, and click on the “iCode” button to generate a corresponding iCode. Thereafter, scan this iCode to achieve an instantaneous setup.

Quick scan

Lower the risk of misconfiguration

Configuration procedures that require the scanning of multiple command barcodes can be prone to human error. It is easy to miss a command or scan the wrong one. With the iCode feature, users can bypass troublesome tasks and complete an entire setup with one quick scan.


Seamless transitions between tasks

With iCodes, workers can seamlessly transition between tasks using the same scanner. For example, your device can be instantly programmed to perform checkout or inventory functions by scanning iCodes made for the respective applications. Enterprises can thus maximize the use of each scanner by employing it for different tasks.

Reduce field service expenses

Dispatching technicians to provide on-site configuration support is costly and time-consuming. Instead, an iCode can be prepared and emailed to the client for scanning. This way, a number of field service trips and related expenses can be avoided.

Accelerate your scanner deployments

The iCode improves efficiency by reducing the amount of work required. This is particularly evident in large-scale deployments. Imagine having to program multiple scanners with several commands. Now, think of the time saved when all those commands are merged into a single iCode. This outstanding feature gives workers the ability to perform their duties faster and more efficiently.