Healthcare Linear Companion Scanner


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Rugged Linear Companion Scanner for hygiene-sensitive environments

The FuzzyScan PL680BT HC comes with an antimicrobial and disinfectant-ready housing that is perfect for hygiene-sensitive environments such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, and food processing plants. Its laser beam delivers a crystal clear aiming line, while the integrated vibrator provides tactile confirmations when silent signals are preferred. When paired with Cino's Smart Cradle or Smart Dongle, the PL680BT HC offers a cordless working range of up to 100 meters.

Scanning for All Needs

Powered by Cino's exclusive FuzzyScan Intelligent Imaging platform, Cino scanners are built to help enterprises overcome real-world challenges. They deliver snappy readings on virtually any barcode in any condition, including problematic ones, whether they appear on paper, plastic cards, or on digital screens. It dramatically improves the user's experience and productivity.

poor barcodes
Exclusive imaging technology

Exclusive imaging technology

Cino's FuzzyScan Intelligent Imaging technology brings barcode scanning performance, snappiness, and motion tolerance to a new high. Powered by FuzzyScan imaging technology and AI machine learning algorithms, all Cino scanners deliver an optimized combination of high performance and diverse versatility, providing customers an extraordinary value for their investment.

Capture every barcode

Capture every barcode in a flash

In the real world, barcodes are frequently damaged, overwrapped, distorted, scratched, or otherwise in conditions that are less than ideal. Our FuzzyScan scannersare designed to meet these challenges, and scan problematic barcodes in a flash, including electronic coupons with low screen brightness.

Optimal scanning performance

Optimal scanning performance

Thanks to FuzzyScan's imaging platform, Cino's linear scanners deliver top reading performance. It lets users capture very high-density barcodes and also scan regular barcodes from a long distance. In addition to linear barcodes, it also supports linear-stacked, PDF417, and GS1 barcodes.

Built for hygiene-sensitive applications

In environments where cross-contamination is a concern, equipment hygiene is a top priority. The PL680BT HC is specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of hygiene-sensitive applications.

Disinfectant-Ready Enclosure

Disinfectant-ready enclosure

The scanner's housing is disinfectant-ready and can be wiped down with Cino's recommended cleaning solutions. It is specially designed for the needs of hygiene-conscious establishments.

Inclusion of Antimicrobial Additives

Inclusion of antimicrobial additives

The housing's plastic material also incorporates a silver inorganic antimicrobial agent that will not wear off during its lifetime. This provides an extra layer of protection against the growth of microorganisms.

Compliance with Antimicrobial Standard

Compliance with antimicrobial standard

The PL680BT HC complies with the JIS Z2801:2000 antimicrobial standard. It is ideal for industries where the cleanliness of work tools is a priority, such as healthcare or food processing.

Freedom of Cordless Connectivity

Many applications demand a range of movement that only cordless technology can provide. Designed for unrestricted mobility, FuzzyScan cordless scanners integrate the latest Bluetooth technology and offer the freedom you need to perform everyday tasks without hindrance.

Instant cordless migration

Instant cordless migration

FuzzyScan cordless scanners can work with Cino's Smart Cradles or Smart Dongles, providing a "Plug-and-Play" solution with a communication coverage of up to 100 m. They serve as instant wireless solutions for hosts that are not Bluetooth-enabled. Under PICO mode, the Smart Cradle and Smart Dongle can each support multiple scanners simultaneously, allowing users to centralize their data transmissions for better managment.

Broad connectivity

Broad connectivity

Not only does this scanner adapt to a wide range of hosts running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, it also easily works with Android and iOS mobile devices. Furthermore, the Simple Pairing function eliminates the need for PIN entry when pairing your FuzzyScan cordless scanners with Bluetooth-enabled hosts under HID or SPP profile. Simple Pairing brings an extra touch of convenience to routine procedures.

Quick Pair for easy pairing

Thanks to FuzzyScan's Quick Pair function, a FuzzyScan cordless scanner can be paired with its Smart Cradle or Smart Dongle via one easy step. Simply scan the Quick Pair barcode affixed to your Smart Cradle or Smart Dongle, and the work is done. Furthermore, this great functionality can also be used for pairing with other remote Bluetooth devices. Quick Pair simplifies the pairing process and reduces your deployment effort.

Seamless operation with Auto-Reconnection

When radio link is lost, the scanner will automatically try to reconnect once it returns within its coverage zone. This auto-reconnection feature is available under all link modes. In particular, if your cordless scanner was paired under SPP mode, it will auto-reconnect with the preset COM port to avoid potential issues with the host application.

Enhanced User Experience

Every FuzzyScan product is built with the user in mind, and this scanner is no exception. It is loaded with practical features that will take your scanning experience to the next level.

Enhanced User Experience
The ultimate in portability

The ultimate in portability

Small and compact, the FuzzyScan PL680BT HC is built with portability in mind. It can easily fit into a pocket, or be carried around the neck or wrist with a lanyard for instant access.

Durable and ergonomic

Durable and ergonomic

Thanks to its durable construction, this barcode scanner can withstand 2 meter drops onto concrete, while offering IP65-level protection against dust and water. Furthermore, it is ergonomically designed to yield a natural, comfortable grip all shift long.

Full-shift Uptime

This scanner integrates the latest Bluetooth technology and advanced power management for optimal energy efficiency, maximizing the number of scans per charge. A full charge is sufficient for a whole day's work and beyond! Its long battery life allows you to focus on the tasks at hand, instead of the next recharge.

Sharp targeting

This scanner projects a bright laser aiming line and helps users aim at barcodes with precision.

Multifaceted Feedback

Cino's FuzzyScan scanners have been designed with multifaceted notification feedback via visual, audio, and tactile indications, which are all programmable to suit your preferences.

Multifaceted Feedback
LED Light

Bright indicators

FuzzyScan LED indicators are unique in displaying multiple colors to help users clearly see the status of their FuzzyScan barcode scanners at a quick glance.

Loud audio

Customizable beeping

FuzzyScan barcode scanners are equipped with a programmable beeper. The volume, tone, and even the tone pattern can be adjusted to suit the user's preferences.


Tactile confirmations

Healthcare models are equipped with a built-in vibration function, which can be used in place of, or in addition to, audio alerts. This function is ideal for quiet environments such as hospitals, laboratories, or libraries.

Exceptional Value

Cino's FuzzyScan DNA is a synthesis of value-added features for all Cino barcode scanners. Our scanners are born with the genes of FuzzyScan DNA to bring additional functionalities beyond the typical scanner. These innovative functionalities transform barcode scanning by enhancing the scanner's intelligence, versatility, and performance. With FuzzyScan DNA, Cino's FuzzyScan family deliver practical solutions for your business’ challenges, lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO), and help workers be more productive.

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DataWizard Premium

DataWizard Premium is a unique feature designed for FuzzyScan scanners, which enables users to program the scanner to fit their specific needs without modifying their host application.
This includes performing various types of data manipulation, extraction, and validation; and scanner feedback customization. DataWizard Premium gives Cino's FuzzyScan scanners a competitive edge to stand out in the marketplace.

DataWizard Premium

DataWizard Premium enables FuzzyScan barcode scanners to execute custom data processing and operation control tasks.

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Custom Data Processing

Scanned data can be manipulated into any specific format prior to transmission, including insertion, deletion, matching, verification, substitution, and reorganization. They can also be parsed to extract specific information for various purposes, such as age verification or product order checking.

Multifaceted Feedback

The scanner's status indications through beeping, LED lights, and vibration can all be controlled through DataWizard Premium. Users can therefore customize audio, visual, and tactile feedbacks according to their preferences. DataWizard Premium puts you in control of your scanner.



Parse PDF417 data from a driver license to extract age information for alchohol purchase eligibility verification.



Parse application identifiers (AIs) of GS1 barcode to populate corresponding fields in the host application's databases.



Parse UDI information from medical devices to identify the manufacturer, expiration dates, and other required information.


iCode, single scan setup

The iCode feature is a macro command barcode designed to streamline your setup process and to eliminate the need for scanning multiple command barcodes. Your entire setup can thus be completed with a single scan of an iCode. Using iCode allows you to easily switch the use of the scanner between different application scenarios. This simplified process reduces the risk of errors, accelerates deployments, and reduces field service expenses. iCodes can be generated using Data Matrix or PDF417 barcodes.

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Security Plus

Security Plus, cost-free security for business protection

Security Plus guards your host application by restricting access to only authorized FuzzyScan barcodes scanners. Thanks to this security mechanism, users can set the host applications to work exclusively with scanners containing their own authentication key, protecting their host machine and investment. Security Plus is available free of charge, delivering an easy and secure solution that protects businesses at no extra cost.

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