FA480 Series

Premium 2D fixed mount scanner for stand-alone and embedded applications

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Brochures and Datasheets Version Date
Corporate Brochure
A9 2020/8/12 download
FuzzyScan FA480 Series Datasheet A3 2020/4/28
Quick Start Guides Version Date
FuzzyScan Fixed Mount Scanner Quick Start Guide C2 2019/08/26 download
User Manuals Version Date
FuzzyScan Fixed Mount Scanner Programming Manual D4 2020/8/14 download
FuzzyScan Fixed Mount 400 Series Integration Manual A1 2019/11/06 download
FuzzyScan Serial Command Manual A9 2019/10/29 download
FuzzyScan Firmware Upgrade Procedure B6 2019/5/6 download
Software & Utilities Version Date
Cino FuzzyScan PowerTool 2.05.38 2021/7/26 download
USB2COM Driver 2018/12/4 download
DataWizard Premium Demo Samples A3 2018/12/19 contact
Image Gallery
FA480 Series Image Gallery download

FuzzyScan FA480 Series Barcode Scanners


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