Cino unveils the SE6850 scan engine series, setting a new horizon for embedded applications

Cino is thrilled to introduce the SE6850, a miniature decoded 2D scan engine that delivers premium features in an ultra-compact form factor, allowing easy integration across a wide range of hosts. Powered by Cino's exclusive FuzzyScan imaging technology, it captures most challenging and problematic real-world barcodes with ease. Available with a lineup of models to match different scanning scenarios, Cino's SE6850 is ready to shower you with a full spectrum of scanning capabilities.

Extensive Embedded Applications

POC Terminal
POC Terminal (Point of Care)
POS Terminal
POS Terminal (Point of Sale)
Ticket Validator
Ticket Validator
IVD Equipment
IVD Equipment (In Vitro Diagnostic)
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Reversed Vending Machine (RVM)
Reversed Vending Machine (RVM)

Maximum Cost-Saving

The SE6850 comes with an integrated decoder, reducing substantial costs and development efforts of acquiring a separate decoder board or software license for decoding. Not only can you expect to move quickly toward the next stage of product development, but also an expedited time to market of your new product.



Thanks to its tiny form factor, the SE6850 is able to fit into mobile payment terminals, mobile computers, POS terminals, access control systems, rugged tablets and other devices with space constraint. The SE6850 also shares the same physical dimensions and mounting mechanism among its SE6000 family, enabling effortless migration between various hosts.

rugged tablets

Comprehensive Scanning Performance

Whether you are looking for speed, accuracy, distance or angle, the SE6850 has it. Reinforced by a global-shutter megapixel image sensor infused with AI technology and deep learning, the SE6850 delivers unparalleled readability, motion tolerance and accuracy across a vast array of challenging and problematic barcodes in virtually any scenario.

poor barcode

Available Choices

To fulfill your scanning needs, a lineup of model is available for selection.

  • Ultra-Wide-Angle model provides an exceptionally broad scanning field for reading larger or wide barcodes at near-contact distances, and excels at capturing extremely fast-moving barcodes. This model is ideal for mobile payment, Reversed Vending Machine (RVM) and In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) applications.
  • High-Density model reads high-density barcodes and DPM codes with a moderate reading range, and delivers superior readability on challenging barcodes.
  • Standard-Range model reads most real-world barcodes with an excellent reading range, ideal for various general-purpose applications.

To fulfill different host interface, you can select either USB or Serial model. Both LED aimer and Laser aimer are also available for choice.

Enterprise-Level Durability

All of Cino's products are designed to achieve enterprise-class durability. The SE6850 is built with a high level of shock resistance and capable of withstanding a wide operating temperature range from -30°C to 60°C. You can count on the SE6850 to deliver the required throughput for automation, healthcare, commercial and industrial applications.

parking Lot
rugged tablets

Exceptional Value

FuzzyScan DNA is a collection of useful features with added-values available for every Cino imager at no additional cost. These exclusive features not only elevate your user experience, but also help you overcome various technical limitations beyond barcode scanning.

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