SM5800 Series

  • All-in-one design for total cost savings
  • Capture challenging and problematic barcodes
  • Smart Scenes™ for rapid adaptations
  • Advanced data processing with DataWizard Premium
  • Multilingual output support
  • Single scan setup via iCode
  • Security Plus protects your business investments

Cino’s SM5800 packs all the functionalities of barcode scanners on a tiny footprint. This coin-size module not only captures barcodes in a flash, but is also built to overcome real-world challenges, such as distorted or damaged barcode labels, and electronic coupons on screens with poor lighting. Thanks to its all-in-one architecture, the SM5800 comes ready for use and is easy to integrate, reducing your engineering efforts for greater cost savings. Furthermore, a High-Density model is available for demanding applications that involve very high-density 2D barcodes.

Scan All Your Needs

Powered by Cino’s exclusive imaging technology, the SM5800 delivers unparalleled reading performance on virtually any barcode in any condition. It offers an excellent solution for enterprises that require reliable and high-throughput barcode scanning.

Excellent reading performance

The SM5800 delivers exceptional reading performance on a wide range of barcodes. It also captures a great number of challenging and problematic barcodes, such as dense, soiled, distorted, damaged, or overwrapped barcode labels, as well as electronic coupons displayed on screens with poor lighting.

Complete lineup for diverse needs

The Standard-Range model is designed to fulfill the vast majority of scanning requirements. It offers swift readings on small, regular, and high-density barcodes, making this model an excellent choice for general purpose applications. However, for scanning requirements that involve very high-density 2D barcodes, such as certain DPM codes and barcodes on PCBs, Cino offers a specialized High-Density model.

All-in-One Solution and Ease-of-Integrate

The SM5800 offers all the functionalities of a barcode scanner in a tiny footprint. This all-in-one solution is easy to be integrated and will decrease your development costs, which translates to cost saving and a shorter time-to-market.

Self-contained and ready for use

This scan module comes with a built-in decoder, trigger button, LED indicators, and beeper. Thanks to its self-contained design, the SM5800 can be evaluated straight out of the box, saving you development cost and effort.

Flexible integration

The scan engine can be detached from its main board while remaining joined by a ribbon cable. This provides users with additional flexibility when installing their modules.

Connect to different interfaces

The SM5600 can be connected to various interfaces, such as standard RS232, UART or USB. It can also be wired to support an external trigger, as well as OK and NG signal outputs.

Optimize module positioning with test mode

Users can leverage their modules’ built-in test mode to find the optimal mounting location. This useful feature allows different positions to be tested and compared with remarkable efficiency.

Freedom to define your serial trigger commands

This scan module supports user-defined serial trigger commands. It can therefore adopt the command of other scanner or module that SM5800 replaced, and minimizes the amount of integration work.

Smart Scenes™ for rapid adaptation

The SM5800 offers a variety of scene options through the Smart Scenes feature. These useful options are factory fine-tuned and pre-programmed to automatically yield optimized settings for diverse application scenarios. Smart Scenes works just like a digital camera’s scene mode. This feature enables users to achieve the best scanning results for selected applications with minimal efforts.

Advanced imaging control

If applicable, users can control advanced imaging parameters, such as exposure time and digital gain, allowing you to optimize the scanner’s setting in accordance with specific application requirements.

Features That Bring Maximum Value

The SM5800 inherits the advantageous features of FuzzyScan Family, presenting enhanced usability and exceptional added-value.

DataWizard Premium, powerful data processing

DataWizard Premium is a unique feature designed for FuzzyScan barcode scanners. It allows them to execute advanced data formatting and complex data processing tasks, fulfilling a wide range of requirements. This also reduces the need for costly or time-consuming changes to your host application. DataWizard Premium brings exceptional flexibility and value that boost your productivity.

Multilingual Edge, no more language barriers

Cino 2D scanners can be configured to output almost all languages, including Arabic, German, Greek, Russian, and Turkish, etc. They can also transmit Asian languages such as simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This feature enables users around the world to use their own languages, removing linguistic barriers and expanding business horizons.

iCode, single scan setup

The iCode is a macro barcode command designed to simplify and accelerate your setup process. Instead of configuring your scanners with multiple barcodes, users can achieve identical results with a single iCode. It lowers risk of misconfiguration, expedites deployments and reduces field service expenses. The iCode will accelerate your workflow and increase your efficiency.

Security Plus, cost-free business protection

Security Plus guards your host application by restricting access to authorized Cino scanners only. This powerful security mechanism blocks connection attempts by unrecognized scanners, thereby preventing unsanctioned use. Security Plus delivers peace of mind by offering a reliable security solution that protects businesses at no extra cost.