F790 Series

  • Supports PDF417 and Composite Codes
  • Superior readings on 3 mil barcodes, with a depth of field of over 3”
  • Reads various challenging and problematic barcodes
  • Reads electronic barcodes from smartphone screens
  • Reads electronic barcodes
  • Fast bi-directional scanning
  • Withstands drops from 2m to concrete
  • Clear audio and visual feedback
  • Optional vibrator for tactile confirmations
  • Configuration can be done through iCode
  • Advanced data formatting with DataWizard Premium
  • System security development using DataWizard Premium

F790 delivers exceptional performance on long distance readings and wide barcode captures. In addition to scanning high resolution 3 mil barcodes, it can also read 20 mil barcodes from a distance of up to 34”. The imager’s rugged yet ergonomic housing grants superior comfort during intensive use along with protection against tumbles. A product of Cino’s advanced engineering, the F790 is ideal for a wide range of general and industrial applications.

Scan All Your Needs

Tackle Stacked Symbologies

F790 is designed to scan a vast array of 1D and stacked symbologies, whether displayed on paper, plastic or electronically. Stacked-linear barcodes that can be read by the scanner include PDF417, GS1 Databar Stacked, and composite codes.

Ready for Challenges

Empowered by the FuzzyScan imaging platform, this scanner is primed to read various challenging and problematic barcodes. For example, poor quality, distorted, dirty, damaged, and overwrapped barcodes, as well as electronic barcodes on dimly-lit displays.

One Tool for Different Jobs

F790 delivers superior readings on high-density barcodes, in addition to exceptional scan range on regular barcodes. Its high performance and capabilities make it a versatile scanner that is well-suited for diverse applications.

Enhanced User Experience

Sharp Aimer for Rapid Targeting

The scanner’s sharp LED beam helps users aim faster and with greater accuracy. F790 also projects a bright red illumination that allows for rapid barcode captures, even under low ambient lighting.

Clear Audio and Visual Feedbacks

This barcode scanner contains a programmable beeper with adjustable sound volume. Its LED lights provide conspicuous, multi-color indications. Along with the optional vibrator, these sensory feedbacks work in concert to promote a greater scanning experience.

Optional Vibrator for Quiet or Noisy Environments

An optional vibrator is available, offering tactile confirmation of good reads. It is ideal for places where the scanner’s beeps might be disruptive, such as a library or in hospital rooms where patients are resting. Vibrations may also be preferable in environments where beeping sounds may be drowned out by loud noises, e.g. manufacturing plant.

Built for Lasting Performance

When we designed the F790, durability and ergonomics were at the top of our priority list. With an over-mold construction, this imager can withstand 2.0-meter drops to concrete. Its handle allows for a natural grip, offering superior comfort throughout the day. Moreover, the imager’s elegant outline is sure to complement the decors of professional establishments.

The SmartStand Advantage

Instantly switch between hand-held and hands-free scanning with Cino’s SmartStand. This pragmatic accessory is expressly designed to support FuzzyScan readers such as F790 in hands-free applications.
The SmartStand comes with an adjustable holder that allows for different scanning angles. Its base is equipped with foldable side flaps to provide extra stability when needed.
Optimize your work speed and productivity with Cino’s SmartStand.

Value Beyond Measure

Simplified Configuration Proce

The iCode is a configuration barcode. It can be embedded with more than one command, thereby enabling the simultaneous change of numerous parameters. Instead of configuring their Cino imagers with multiple barcodes, users can achieve the same results with a single iCode.
Simply choose your desired settings in the FuzzyScan PowerTool, and click on the “iCode” button to generate a comprehensive barcode that embodies them all.

Customized Functionalities

DataWizard Premium lets you write data or security scripts which can then be used to program Cino scanners for customized tasks. The script language is similar to BASIC and easy to learn for experienced programmers. This exclusive feature is included in the FuzzyScan PowerTool and offered to Cino clients without extra charge.

Advanced Data Formatting

Through data scripts, your scanners can be programmed for intricate formatting duties that would otherwise be assigned to the host device. For example: parsing raw data from driver licenses, adding preambles or postambles, and more.

System Security

Set your host system to prompt scanners for a validation key before allowing connection. Develop a security script containing the validation key and install this script on approved scanners. This will prevent random scanners from accessing the host system.