Price Checking

Small in size but big on performance, Cino's barcode scanners are perfect for price check terminals. Their compact design allows them to be easily installed on product shelves or building columns, even in those stores with space constraints. Supported by Cino's exclusive FuzzyScan imaging platform, they are capable of reading a vast array of symbologies, as well as many types of problematic barcodes encountered in retail, e.g. damaged, low contrast, or smudged barcode labels, and electronic coupons on screens withlow brightness. Enhance your clients’ self-service experience with Cino's powerful scanning technology, which is also available through Cino's line of OEM products. Discover why Cino is your best choice when it comes to barcode scanning.

Point of Sale

Empowered Shopping Experience

With Cino's advanced imaging technology, your shoppers can scan a vast array of barcode symbols, and obtain the pricing information they want, all in the blink of an eye.

Ready for Challenges

Overcome a multitude of real-world challenges, such as reading distorted, soiled, or damaged barcode labels, and electronic coupons on screens with low brightness.

Easy to Integrate

Small yet powerful, our scanning modules can be easily integrated into host machines in your store, or simply use our standalone scanners to provide exceptional scanning functionality.