Point of Sale

Cino offers a wide range of barcode scanners to streamline checkout tasks. Cino's FuzzyScan imaging technology enables rapid data capture, which in turn, lead to faster customer service and reduced wait times. Our -extended-range models allow cashiers to scan oversized or heavy items in shopping carts, directly from behind the counter. Equip your employees with the tools they need to provide great service that leads to repeat business. Increase customer satisfaction and worker efficiency simultaneously, with Cino scanners working by your side.

Point of Sale

Faster Checkouts

Cino's barcode scanners are designed to read a vast array of symbols at lightning speed, whether displayed on paper, plastic, or electronically. This allows for faster checkouts and happier customers.

Ready for Challenges

Overcome a multitude of real-world challenges, such as reading distorted, soiled, or damaged barcode labels, and electronic coupons on screens with low brightness.

Scan from Afar

Cino's extended-range models allow workers to scan products stored high on shelves directly from ground level, saving them the trouble of climbing ladders.