Shipping and Receiving

Documenting the location of each shipment or asset is an essential task that cannot be compromised. Proper tracking ensures the availability of status information for internal use as well as client reference. This practice helps to prevent property loss, and generates important information that allow an enterprise to assess its operational efficiency. Whether you are receiving raw materials from suppliers, loading products onto trucks for dispatch, or confirming deliveries, Cino scanners will instantly capture the data needed for your records. Explore our line of world-class solutions, and discover the amazing value that they can bring to your business.

Shipping and Receiving

Durable and Ergonomic

Our barcode scanners are built with durability in mind. They are also equipped with an ergonomic handle that provides a natural and comfortable grip.

Optional Vibrator

An optional vibrator is available to deliver tactile feedback if needed, e.g. when loud background noises make it difficult for workers to hear the barcode scanner's beeping.

Ready for Challenges

Overcome a multitude of real-world challenges, such as reading distorted, soiled, or damaged barcode labels, and electronic coupons on screens with low brightness.