Parcel Tracking

For enterprises involved in the transportation of goods, documenting the chain of custody of each parcel is crucial for loss prevention. Diligent tracking also ensures the availability of status information for internal use or client reference. Powered by the latest technologies, Cino's barcode scanners help businesses maintain proper records with speed and accuracy. Additionally, users can program their scanners through DataWizard Premium to process data before transmission to the host device. Data can thus be formatted in accordance with the requirements of your host application. Explore our line of cutting-edge products today, and let us show you what Cino scanners can do for your business.

Parcel Tracking

Fast and Versatile

Cino scanners are designed to read a vast array of barcodes at lightning speed, whether displayed on paper, plastic, or digital screens. They provide the versatility you need to operate at maximum efficiency.

Ready for Challenges

Overcome a multitude of real-world challenges, such as reading distorted, soiled, or damaged barcode labels, and electronic coupons on screens with low brightness.

Cordless Convenience

Integrating Bluetooth technology, our cordless scanners provide users with the freedom and convenience of cordless scanning. Get the job done without any hindrance!