Laboratory results offer vital information that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Accurate tracking procedures help ensure that clinical samples undergo correct assessments and that results are linked back to the right patient. Powered by Cino's advanced engineering, FuzzyScan imagers are designed to read a vast array of barcodes, including those that are damaged, soiled, or have low contrast. Our selection of cutting-edge products allows laboratory staff to quickly identify and track specimens with optimal efficiency.



Equipped with an antimicrobial enclosure that is disinfectant-ready, Cino's healthcare scanners are specially designed for hygiene-conscious environments.

Ready for Challenges

Cino scanners are designed to overcome a multitude of real-world challenges, such as reading barcodes placed on curved surfaces, as well as distorted, soiled or damaged sticker labels.

Hands-Free Scanning

Our handheld devices can be operated manually, or set to hands-free mode when you need both hands for other tasks. Simply choose the suitable option, and scan away!