Inventory work

In the health care sector, it is important to know the availability of medical supplies or equipment at all times. Cino's line of health care scanners (model names ending in “HC”) enable your facility to easily track the location, quantity, and other information on your medical equipment and supplies, so you’ll never end up with not having needed supplies when you thought you had them.


Cordless Convenience

Integrated with Bluetooth technology, our cordless scanners provide users with the freedom and convenience of mobility. Get the job done without any hindrance!

Scan from Afar

Cino's extended-range models allow workers to scan products stored high on shelves directly from ground level, saving them the trouble of climbing ladders and reducing the risk of injuries.

Greater Efficiency

Various operation modes are available to help streamline inventory tasks and data verification. Save time and effort with Cino scanners working by your side.