Equipment tracing

We offer specialized 2-D imagers that capture small, high-density barcodes, such as those marked on surgical instruments or other medical equipment. Powered by Cino's FuzzyScan imaging platform, Cino's high-density imagers deliver superior reading performance with every scan. They are your tools of choice when monitoring the use, location, or maintenance routine of hospital equipment. Let Cino help you keep track of the items under your care. Explore our line of world-class solutions, and discover a better way to capture data

Equipment tracing

High-Density Scanners

Our high-density models deliver the scanning power needed to capture those small, high-density 2-D barcodes that appear on surgical instruments or other medical equipment.


Equipped with an antimicrobial enclosure that is disinfectant-ready, Cino's health care scanners are specially designed for hygiene-conscious environments.

Capturing data in a flash

Cino scanners are designed to read a vast array of barcodes at lightning speed, allowing enterprises to operate at maximum efficiency.