Bedside care

Cino scanners are built to read barcodes from patient wristbands and medication labels at lightning speed. You’ll be able to verify the patient's identity instantly, then administer the correct drugs and other treatments. In addition to their antimicrobial properties, Cino's health care scanners also come equipped with a built-in vibrator to provide tactile feedback when audio confirmations may disturb patients who are resting. Enhance the quality of your bedside care with our line of health care barcode scanners.

Bedside care


Equipped with an antimicrobial enclosure that is disinfectant-ready, Cino's health care scanners are built to excel in hygiene-conscious environments.

Integrated Vibrator

A built-in vibrator comes standard in all of our health care scanners, providing users with the choice of tactile feedback when silent signals are preferred.

Privacy Protection

Guard your patients’ privacy by encrypting the barcodes on their wristbands with DataWizard Premium, and limit decryption to authorized Cino scanners only.