Green Cino

Protecting the Future, Today

The earth is home to us all, and its future is shaped by our present choices. We recognize the vital importance of sustainability, as well as the urgent need to move towards that direction. This is why we are fully determined to do our part, not only as a business entity, but also as a good neighbor.

Eco-Friendly Products

All of our products undergo rigorous life-cycle assessments. Sustainability and waste reduction are priorities in Cino's product development process. In line with our corporate objectives, FuzzyScan products are designed to be highly durable, energy efficient, easy to recycle, and RoHS compliant.

Green Procurement

Cino is actively engaged in green procurement, working with suppliers to optimize its environmental protection efforts. Through our sourcing practices, we also endeavor to express our environmental valueswith our suppliers and associates. We lead by example and encourage others to make eco-friendly choices as well, because when it comes to the health of our planet, we need all hands on deck.

Certified and Engaged

We take active steps to ensure that our vision of a greener planet becomes reality. Cino voluntarily adheres to environmental standards of international scope. Aside from our ISO 14000 certification, we are also the first AIDC company in Taiwan to be IECQ QC 080000 certified. At Cino, “sustainability” isn’t just a word on paper, it's a living notion that is put into practice.

Cino is more than just an enterprise; we are also a member of this global community. Just like you, we aspire to greener environments and are intent on pursuing such goals with our actions.