Multilingual Edge speaks your language
Multilingual Edge

With Cino’s new Multilingual Edge feature, all FuzzyScan 2D and linear barcode scanners now support multilingual output through USB HID, USB COM Port Emulation, RS232, Bluetooth HID and Bluetooth SPP. Thanks to Multilingual Edge, FuzzyScan barcode scanners enables users to communicate without linguistic barriers, and empower users to expand their business horizons.

Satisfy Linguistic Requirements

FuzzyScan 2D scanners can be configured to support practically any language output, in accordance with different Unicode formats or code pages. Aside from Western European languages, FuzzyScan 2D Scanners can also translate data into Arabic, Greek, Russian, Turkish, and more. Your scanners can also be set to output Asian languages such as simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

language output

We recognize the need for flexibility when it comes to various host and interface connections. Multilingual Edge is compatible with a vast array of hosts or devices via USB HID, USB COM Port Emulation, RS232, Bluetooth HID and Bluetooth SPP. Moreover, data can be transmitted onto different word processors software programs via USB HID or Bluetooth HID, such as Microsoft Word, Notepad or WordPad.

Bluetooth devices

Support ALT Code Output

FuzzyScan 2D and linear barcode scanners also support ALT Code output on MS Windows hosts. By enabling the “Universal” keyboard output, those special characters signs, symbols, accented letters of Latin language, mathematical symbols covered by ASCII and extended ASCII will be sent as a sequence of ALT Code plus numeric keypad value.

Alt key

Available Models

FuzzyScan Linear and 2D Barcode Scanners


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