Cino expands its FuzzyScan 2D family with the new and affordable A660 series
a660 series

Best value 2D scanners for retail and general applications

Cino is proud to introduce the A660 series, its latest addition to the FuzzyScan family of barcode scanners. Available in corded and cordless models, it delivers the best value in its class, empowering your cost-sensitive applications with state-of-the-art technology. This new series is perfect for the retail industry, as well as general enterprise use.

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Exceptional Scanning that Fits Any Budget

The A660 series is a versatile, yet cost-effective scanning solution for busy commercial environments. Powered by our exclusive imaging platform, it rapidly scans paper labels, membership cards, electronic coupons, and many of the problematic items encountered in practice, e.g. distorted, soiled, or damaged tags, electronic barcodes on smartphone screens with poor lighting, etc. Its solid performance and attractive pricing will appeal to enterprises of all size, from the local shop to multinational megastores.


Exceptional Mobility

This scanner can be paired with Cino’s smart cradle or smart dongle, both of which are Bluetooth-enabled and possessing a communication range of over 100 meters. These accessories serve to provide an instant cordless solution when your host device lacks wireless capabilities.
Under PICO mode, the smart cradle and the smart dongle can each support up to 7 scanners at once. This practical feature allows you to centralize the data transfer process, gathering multiple connections onto a single base.


In addition to smart cradle and smart dongle solutions, the A660BT can be easily paired with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices to meet diverse requirement of wireless connectivity, such as Windows, iOS, Android smart phones or tablets. Pairing can be done in HID or SPP mode.

Bluetooth devices

Exceptional Value

A myriad of tools and features are provided to further increase the usability of this new series. DataWizard Premium enables scanners to perform complex data formatting, whereas Security Plus configures them for system protection duties. The iCode accelerates scanner set-up, making field deployments quick and effortless. The FuzzyScan DNA offers a host of technologies that streamlines scanner management, bringing maximum value to every application.


Available Models

A660 2D Handheld Imager

An affordable, digital barcode scanner for the retail industry and general commercial use.

A660BT 2D Handheld Bluetooth Imager

An affordable cordless barcode scanner for unhindered mobility in retail and general applications.


Orders for the A660 corded or cordless imager can be placed from July 22nd, 2019 onwards, depending on the territory. Please contact your Cino sales representative for details.