Cino introduces the unparalleled presentation scanner S680 series to improve retailers’ competitive edge

A chic and versatile presentation scanner that delivers an exceptional checkout experience

Cino is excited to announce the launch of the FuzzyScan S680 series presentation scanner. The S680 series is a versatile solution purpose-built to boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and elevate the customer’s shopping experience. The S680 series is unique in its class by delivering a combination of superior reading performance, chic and compact design, and multifaceted functionality. Its versatility and flexibility make it ideal for cashier-staffed POS, self-checkout, and price checking applications. The S680 series empowers you to streamline your retail operations for further success!

price check application

Scanning for All Needs

The S680 fulfills diverse scanning requirements. It not only brings exceptional reading performance and a broad range of readability, but also delivers a superior pass-through snappiness. Cino’s advanced imaging technology, omnidirectional reading capability, wide scan angle design and high motion tolerance make it incredibly easy to use.

Scan All Your Need

Ultimate Usability

The S680 features many practical and flexible features. Its adjustable stand grants a 135° ultra-wide tilt angle for easy scanning. Moreover, its mounting kit-free design enables the scanner to be used for diverse applications beyond the POS checkout. Its compact design makes it a perfect solution for space-constrained environments. The S680 series marries a solid base with an ergonomically designed body providing maximum comfort for both handheld and hands-free applications.

Mounting kit
Mounting Kit-Free
ultra-wide angle
Ultra-wide Tilt Angle
Handheld Scanning
Handheld Scanning

Exceptional Value

The S680 series is born with the genes of FuzzyScan DNA, Cino’s host of unique features that further increases the utility of this new series. The DataWizard Premium enables Cino’s scanners to perform advanced data formatting and complex data processing. Thanks to Multilingual Edge, the S680 series is capable of outputting scanned data in multiple languages, breaking down language barriers and expanding your business horizons. The iCode accelerates scanner setup, making deployment quick and effortless. In addition, optional customizable bezel colors enable you to complement your retail environment and accentuate your brand image.

FuzzyScan DNA

Available Models

The S680 series are available in the following standard colors and functional option:
  • Ivory white
  • Classic black
  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) option
S680 color

Available Date

The S680 Presentation Scanner will be available for ordering starting Feb 5th, 2021, depending on your region. Please contact your Cino sales representative for details.