Cino expands its FuzzyScan area-imaging barcode scanner family with the best value A560 series

Best value 2D handheld imager for retail and commercial applications

Cino is very delight to introduce the A560 series, a new member of FuzzyScan area-imaging barcode scanner family. The A560 is specially designed to fulfill the increasing demands of 2D barcodes scanning in the most cost-sensitive retail and commercial segments. It represents the mark of a top performer in its class by delivering superior reading performance, rich features and diverse functionalities in a stylish form factor. The A560 provides the outstanding value for money that fits your budge perfectly.

retail and commercial application

No Compromise on Performance

The A560 provides superior reading range and snappiness. It’s capable of reading high density barcode from near contact, and capturing 13mil UPC/EAN FROM 13.9”far away. The point-and-shoot intuitive and snappy reading experience makes it ideal for diverse retail and commercial applications.

No Compromise on Performance

Multifaceted Feedbacks

This barcode scanner contains a programmable beeper with adjustable sound volume. Its crystal clear LED indication light provides conspicuous indication. Along with the optional vibrator, these sensory feedbacks work in concert to promote a greater scanning experience.

LED Light
Customizable beeping

Exceptional Value

The A560 series is built on the heritage of FuzzyScan DNA, a myriad of unique features are provided to further increase the usability of this new series. DataWizard Premium enables scanners to perform advanced data formatting and complex data processing, whereas Security Plus provides cost-free security mechanism for business protection. The iCode accelerates scanner set-up, making field deployments quick and effortless. The A560 series delivers exceptional value by helping workers get more done.

FuzzyScan DNA

Available Models

A560 2D Handheld Imager, two colors are available
  • Ivory white
  • Classic black


Orders for the A560 2D handheld imager can be placed from August 7th, 2020 onwards, depending on the territory. Please contact your Cino sales representative for details.