Cino stands on its more than 20-year history as the data collection and printing solutions provider for IT and AIDC industries. We develop solutions-oriented products that improve people's lives. Our commitment to protecting the environment is an extension of our relationship with our customers. Cino is ISO9001, ISO14000 and QC080000-cetified. We are one of top 30 manufactures and the first AIDC company in Taiwan to get QC080000 certificate. All of our operations comply with the requirement of total quality management, environmental protection and ROHS directive.

As electronic waste continues to grow at alarming rates, Cino is responding to this global problem by reducing or eliminating hazardous materials in our products. By ensuring that e-waste and recyclables are properly handled, Cino is contributing to the worldwide effort towards making our environment a better place.

Environmental Sustainability Design

Designs products that are easy to reuse, recycle, and disassemble, improves product power efficiency, and enforces adherence to hazardous substance guidelines.

Environmental Sustainability Procurement

Cino is engaged in several Eco-Friendly Initiatives like Green Procurement, working with suppliers to cooperate in using materials and parts having minimal impact. The LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) system standardizes development of products that are eco-friendly in terms of product life, materials, energy efficiency, and effect on waste reduction.

Low-carbon, highly intelligent and super-efficient, this is the future of the markets where we provide the innovative data collection and printing solutions that allow people, businesses and governments to be more connected and more mobile. Our environmental work is based on global principles and standards. Our targets are not driven by regulatory compliance but go way beyond legal requirements. Environmental issues are fully integrated in our business activities and are everyone's responsibility in Cino. It is a part of everything we do.

We have a user base of worldwide customers which means that we have a unique opportunity to make an impact that goes beyond our own activities. That's why we aim to offer people products and solutions that help them make sustainable choices. Together, we can achieve more.